Friday, November 9, 2012

welcome to the club // advice needed

well hello there.
i am the newest iphone club member. yes the mrs. has ventured over to the dark trendy side of the phone world. yesterday marked my first day as the proud owner of a cute little iphone 5.

we won't get into the details (because lets be honest who really cares) but i finally made the decision to get on my companies phone plan. which meant i got to pick a new phone. i thought of a few others but in the end decided on the iphone 5. heck why not.

so here is the problem....
i am so new to this world. yes i have a mac, and yes i have an ipad (which i never use), but i don't really do the whole "app" thing.

i have heard of so many cool apps. i am especially interested in cool photography apps. because who doesn't like great pictures???

so let's hear it people. what are the apps you recommend? i'll try them i promise. the more you share the more we all get to learn. i'm sure there are so many cool ones out there. help a sista' out!


now i'll get back to trying to figure out how to turn off all the dings and rings i'm getting...seriously and i thought i was tech savy....


  1. That is funny because I was actually thinking about doing a blog post on my favorite apps. You have to get Instagram! That is the best. I love the app called "BeattheTraffic." You put in routes (School to work, home to work, etc.) and it updates constantly so when you go into the app, it will tell you what traffic there is...if any! There is a bajillion photography apps that are just wonderful. Gas buddy tells you the cheapest gas around. It's the BOMB! I love Skype. Lots of people love SnapChat. CheckPlease calculates how much your tip should be, based on how awesome the server was. I LOVE that. And if you travel a lot, Priceline! You can negotiate prices for hotels and shtuff. If you have any iphone questions, I am the queen. Ask away. Hahah! Sorry for the novel.

  2. I just got an iphone 5 yesterday! my iphone 4 bit the dust after 2+ years and i figured i should probably have a phone that is capable of phonecalls... yay. a couple photo apps i really like are picture show and hipstamatic. they can do lots of filters/ effects and you can type text on the images (in picture show) as well. the app Diptic lets you make little collages. also, the app myfacewhen lets you make GIFs and text/email them... hilarious. I love it. i use chrome as my web browser instead of safari, you can download it from the app store. if you want to be able to use google maps, for the transit for example, it's pretty easy to add a webpage to look like an app on your homescreen. the best scripture app is called "gospel library" and has every piece of church material you could ever want or need. definitely download find my iphone-- you'll thank me when you misplace your phone in a hotel room in venice (if you're anything like my mom). im not a big app person either, but i know there's a lot of potential for people like us... occasionally i like to go through the app store and see the top most popular apps and see if any of them are noteworthy.

    congrats on the new phone! it's a wonderful world you've joined :)

  3. YAY! Getting a new iPhone is so exciting. :) For sure get Pinterest for your iPhone - I am addicted!


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