Thursday, February 28, 2013

cali girl at heart

a little sun and sand was just what this mrs. needed. back in january i convinced my mom to fly to san diego with me for a few days of pure relaxation. luckily for me she agreed! i couldn't be more excited. getting through january and the first part of february was okay because i knew i would be in the sun soon. 

i flew in first and waited anxiously for mom to join me. you would think it had been years since we've seen each other with our greeting in the airport. we were both that excited! we spent the rest of the week doing a lot of nothing! shopping, eating out, playing games, walking along the beach, window shopping, more eating and lots of laughing. 

at night we went back to the hotel room, turned on our favorite shows and laughed while crocheting. seriously i have not been that relaxed in so long. love that we could just sit and crochet and have fun!

it was seriously the most perfect mom and daughter get-a-way. it was over 5 years ago that my mom and i had a good mother daughter trip, just the two of us! it was long overdue. we took a ton of "self portraits" (aka selfies) and laughed at most of them. but, it isn't a trip without pictures so i decided to share.

oh the joy of selfies with my momma. this is us...after the mormon battalion historical site in old town san diego // us again on the beach... of course!
our insane brunch at "the mission" in san diego. it was well worth the wait. // as you can see i was a bit surprised by the size of my pancakes....didn't stop me for eating way more than i should have!
shopping of course! i decided to get a picture with the most expensive designer bags. i don't think the sales lady was super excited about this picture // cute uncle duff and aunt lori took us to dinner our first night. i loved spending time with them and fell in love with their place (can i move in?)
yep, another selfie at laguna beach. we spent sunday just walking around the cute little shops and relaxing on the beach!
look how excited we were to be in old town! maybe i was a bit more excited to be able to walk around in sandals and see the blue sky. seriously...check out that sky. no filters or editing needed!
one night we watched the sun set from la jolla cove. i kept thinking "we were so close to living here..." haha. i think it's a good thing we didn't end up moving to la jolla. i think spence would have lost his wife to the beach. 
seriously i can't get enough of that blue ocean. it was incredible! we didn't go in because well it's still a bit chilly but we did sit and just watch the waves. there is something so relaxing about ocean waves.
dinner...haha i wish. you have no idea how close i was to getting this little beauty for dinner though. i'm slightly regretting not!
 more laguna beach lovin'...and and of course ice cream! 
pictures out of order much? mom wanted to get in on the designer bag action! love the bright colors and the selfie
our last selfie of the trip. i cried as i watched my mom go through security (my flight was a few hours later). though i was excited to get back to spence i was so sad to leave the sun, sand and my best friend!  thanks mom for the best girls trip!

 one day i will be a cali girl. mark my words.


  1. Cute blog!


  2. I cried too! I wasn't going to admit it though! 2 peas in a pod!

  3. So glad you guys had fun sounds very relaxing


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