Tuesday, February 19, 2013

when it rains it pours....or so we've been told

when it rains it pours. 
the mr. and i are dealing with some huge life changes right now aka pouring rain!
but don't worry. they are all good changes. and honestly we're excited
just crazy how one moment your life is going one direction and then the next...wham
completely changed. 

it's good, we're excited. and honestly can't wait to see what the lord has in store for us
so while we are working through how the rest of our life is going to look...

a few phone pictures because right now i'm too busy too upload the good pictures from my camera.

new fabric! i couldn't wait to open it so i took it with me on our way to the temple. so excited to start sewing again. these babies are going to make one super cute quilt (or so i hope) // new "art" for our bedroom wall. i made the heart frame for spence for valentines day. loved how it turned out. 

super awkward picture of me (i was whitening my teeth...) showing off our small clean laundry pile and new decor for the bedroom // close-up of our new things. so in love with this vase and candle holder. our bedroom is finally coming together. it's my new favorite place in the house.

finally got the whole chicken parmesan thing down. but sometimes you just have to "red-neck it" as spence likes to call it and eat on the floor. // super blurry picture of us...but somehow i still love it.

and last but not least our stinkin' awesome niece. we got to facetime into a family party last night (best thing ever) and got this little show. don't worry, she has tights on. her skirt was in the way of her dancing so of course it had to come off. man i miss being away from our little ones. but so glad we could "hang out" with our nieces and adorable nephew for at least a little bit. oh and according to mya i'm her favorite aunt!

tomorrow it's off to cali for the mrs. i'm going to miss my mr. but am so excited to have some time on the beach. if anything it will help me wrap my mind around all of our life changes!

oh the joys of growing older.


  1. I cannot get over the changes that take place in our lives. After I got married, I have never experienced so many changes at once! Holy talito. One thing I've learned is to put it in the Lords hands...which is what you're doing. I try not to plan my future out. Because it never works that way. I just sit back, live, and let the Lord take me where I'm supposed to be. It's definitely less stressful that way!

  2. Can't wait to hear about the life changes, hoping and praying they are all amazing!

  3. Changes can be good, but they can also be tough! Hang in there. I know I'm far, but please let me know if I can ever do anything for you :) Enjoy Cali! Jealous you get to go there,


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