Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a little glazed and infused with a mix of art effects = perfect weekend morning

saturday morning we had a "free" morning. those don't happen all that often so we decided to take advantage. a little donut breakfast and exploring in lincoln park was our "touristy" thing for the week. i had heard a lot about glazed and infused and after some debating we decided to make the drive down. 
lincoln park is one of my favorite areas of chicago. if only we were rich and could afford to live there my life would be complete. i am also a huge sucker for a good donut. thanks to my dad for that one. we decided to share an old fashioned, seasonal glazed (sprinkles...yum), and the chocolate 3. the chocolate and old fashioned stole my heart. i couldn't decide which i liked better. spence really loved the glazed. but lets be honest...they were all fabulous and i am counting down the days until we can go back. 

after our oh so healthy breakfast we walked across the street to art effect. art effect was a "sydney" store. little homemade goodies, books, toys, home decor and cute clothes. i could have stayed there for hours. i am a sucker for cute stores with little things to look at. i think it would be a great place to pick up birthday gifts for friends and such. 

and of course i found my dream house. i almost bought the book on the spot. because lets be honest...it is my "style"...aka bright, colorful and a  bit classic chic. somehow i made it out of the store without anything. yay for our budget.
i should have taken a picture of us but we were in our saturday morning best....aka basketball shorts, sweatshirts and high pony's.

i have loved our little weekly adventures. we are really finding our favorite places in this city. our list is long but slowly we're going through it. there is just so much to see and explore in chicago. too bad most of the things on our list involve food....we're going to be big ol' fatties by the time we move. good thing we're starting insanity again!

weekends are my favorites. but somehow they seem to go too fast. i'm already planning our next weekly chicago adventure. come visit us...we have good donuts!!!!

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  1. So excited to explore the city with you! I will explore those little shops with you for hours!


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