Thursday, April 11, 2013

a master bedroom redo update....finally

so i've slowly been working on our bedroom. the room is a good size but it's tucked in the back and doesn't get great light (unlike the rest of our i haven't loved the room since we moved it. i didn't really care to keep it clean because honestly i didn't love being in there so i thought "why keep it clean". after our long dark chicago winter i decided it needed some love. so after some thinking we decided we needed to brighten up the room, change the layout and add some much needed color.

i started with white bedding. i swear everybody i talked to told me not to get white bedding. but after wanting it for years i decided to just go for it. i highly recommend white bedding. if you can make it work. it goes with almost anything and you can change up the look and feel so easily. we had some more neutral pillows on at first and that was great as well. when i'm board of how it is now i can change up the pillows and blanket for a totally new look.

i searched and searched for pillows but couldn't find what i loved. i even bought a few...but ended up returning all of them. finally i decided to make my own. the fabrics that i choose are a bit bright but the room really needs it. it's fun and spunky which is what we wanted. sometimes i have to remind myself that my style is bright and thats okay.

my fabrics sat out for about 3 months and finally last weekend i decided to pull out the good ol' sewing machine. i pounded out all the pillows in one day. spence laughed and said "man if i would have known it would only take you one day to make all of those i would have forced you to do it sooner". haha...

so there you have it. the rest of our master room re-do is coming together. it's gone from one of my most hated rooms to my favorite room. i love getting ready for the morning in there and relaxing in there in the late afternoons. just what a master bedroom should be like.


  1. I love it!! And those pillows are so adorable! I'm with you on white bedding, it's so classy and goes with everything. You are one talented lady!

  2. In love with your pillows! I told Greg one thing I want to do when we move is redo our bedroom! I might need some help from you! :)

  3. It looks great! I always wanted white bedding too! I'm scared of it getting dirty, but I love how clean and modern it looks! Love the pillows.

  4. The white looks clean and crisp! Very pretty!

  5. So cute! I've been wanting to redo our bedroom also lately and I love the white bedding!! You should do a post on how to redecorate on a med school budget because everything seems to cost so much money...I'd love any ideas or input :)

  6. Oh my goodness! You made those pillows??! They are gorgeous! I love the wall color, the white bedding, and basically everything about this room. :)


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