Monday, April 8, 2013

our little ones

for the past 2 almost 3 years the mr. and i have taught primary together. when we moved to chicago we were excited to get called again into the primary. a couple of weeks ago we had our last sunday with our sunbeams. i may have cried when we got home. i love them that much. as you can see we enjoyed our selves with some pictures during "class". maybe it is more like play time but we love it. 

 we were missing a few others from class but even with four we had our hands full....haha!!!
 if only i would post the 15 other pictures in this sequence....hilarious!!!

 taking time to look at the fish! we had a rule that you could only look for 1 min. that was a rough rule.
 this little stud. oh gosh! i'm going to miss him
 coloring would last about .5 seconds
gotta love the bouncy ball. the mr. is incredible with kids. honestly he was a lot better teacher than i was. the little ones just loved him and always wanted to sit by him.

we're going to miss our little ones but are excited for the next adventure. let's just hope we can talk their parents into letting us babysit so they won't forget their favorite teachers!

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  1. I was SO sad to realize that you guys wouldn't be teaching Katie anymore, and those pictures are SO fabulous! You're welcome to babysit anytime you want to. :D


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