Monday, July 8, 2013

not blogging

so i got multiple comments yesterday about not blogging as much. i so wish i had a good excuse for being so mia. honestly i just haven't felt like blogging much. maybe it's been our surprise visitors so i just want to play with them or the fact that we're moving this week and i haven't even started on packing up. i think it all boils down to the fact that i can't seem to find my good camera (slightly freaking out) so i have resorted to my phone camera and i always forget to plug it into my computer to get the pictures off. i do have a lot of fun activities all documented nicely on my phone....maybe i'll convince myself to upload them soon. 

i have a huge post coming on our 4th of july weekend, our visitors, family pictures and of course the rest of our utah trip. in the mean time i'll leave you with this picture from saturday.

the mr. and i decided to wake up and go for a run/walk to a new breakfast place. it was nice to wake up and get outside. i am seriously struggling in the exercise department lately so this is just what i needed. after a great breakfast (we're for sure going back) we walked back home. this  is us almost home. don't mind the gross sweaty faces and greasy hair. it's just us, together and in always! 

wish me luck this week. i hate moving. i've never had to move without the help of my mom and mother in law. i think i may have a few breakdowns. let's hope we survive! 

happy monday.


  1. Good luck with the move. Hope to hear from you soon on your blog.

  2. mommy is there in spirit and you have been a great student and will do a wonderful job moving! love you more than most! ;-)


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