Tuesday, August 6, 2013

bahamas part 2

once my family got into town we were off and running. the boys played golf and scuba dived while the girls relaxed, played in the pool and laid out on the beach. perfect i tell ya. as a family we explored hidden beaches, went on drives around the island and took a boat tour around various islands. as you can see we got a little camera happy. i couldn't help but post all of these. still want to go back! 

cliff jumping was a highlight. i love that in the pic on the left you can see spence's face as i'm jumping in. he was so proud of me (and i was of myself). i would have done it again and again if it weren't for the rocks on our way back up....ouch. my brother saved me from being smashed into a huge rock (thanks brother) and i decided once was enough!

snorkeling on our boat tour....we had a blast. while the boys went out once i hung out on the boat with the lainers. 

apparently i struggle with the jumping picture face....um yeah

dinner on the beach sounds nice until you get attacked by sand flies. yes those are real and they are horrible. you can't really see them and so you can't stop them. we had bite marks on our legs for days. // during our free time we'd go ride the golf course on the golf cart. we took lainey out with us one day. she was hilarious pointing at all the house. she loved the green and yellow one. 

oh just a little hidden cave off of nicholas cage's private island. we also saw faith hill and tim mcgraws private island. they wouldn't let us come hang out with them though...no idea why. so odd. 

yes this thing is alive....oh my gosh can you believe this star fish. puts the little guys we found to shame. 

as you can see i'm hilarious. i've got two year old humor down....peek a boo is my speciality. 

oh just us and the yummiest water in the world! 

my whole fam. how nice it was to just be all together. love them and miss them! 

like i said...our little star fishes aren't as great as the HUGE red one. we were still proud to have found them. 

one night we went exploring and found this hidden gem. it was the most beautiful cove. the water was about 4 feet deep the whole way out and so crystal clear. we waded out about a half a mile and just hung out with the family on a sand bar. if it weren't for the sand flies i would have stayed all night. 

my family. and of course alex. thats his typical picture face. i'm surprised we have any pictures of him smiling....haha! love my family so much. 

we ventured out to this little island just outside of the main city. there wasn't much there but we enjoyed the "chat and chill" and beach. 

my cute parents. thank you for giving us this incredible trip! 

one night while waiting for our food to come we spotted this little guy.....we were too scared to go in and touch it. turns out we totally could have. creepy sting rays! 

just out adventuring! 

the bug wouldn't let me take a picture of her. so i asked her to show me her rocks while we were waiting for dinner. as you can see she was pretty excited about her rock! haha love this bug. 

we were so sad to come home. it didn't help that we were coming home to a house that still needs some love, year two of med school and a work trip for me. ugh. but at least we came home rested, a little bit darker skinned and more in love!

bahamas next summer? count me in!


  1. Look at how many adventures you guys got to experience! Seriously looks like a blast. One of the things I love most about the Bahamas is the amazing water. It's so so blue & gorgeous.

  2. Lots of fun pictures. I can't believe it's already year 2 of med school. I like your last line of coming back more in love. I love that vacations do that to a marriage. :)


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