Thursday, August 8, 2013

day date to the street fair

saturday was "edgefest". a little neighbor hood party in our new neighborhood. our friends bianca and greg live just a couple of blocks from us also in edgewater. so we decided to venture out and get to know our new home. 

i think both bianca and i had larger expectations. in my mind edgefest was a lot bigger and better. but we always have fun with bianca and greg around. there wasn't much to see or do so we just walked around, checked out a few little booths, listened to music and enjoyed the amazing back up dancers (hilarious i tell you). we had a blast just hanging out. even though edgefest wasn't what we expected we still had a good time. 

lovin' our hater blockers. as we can tell we are as cool as we look.....haha not! 

sorry for the phone pictures....i need to learn to take my camera with me. but here is the group. this was taken mid laugh. i thought the random lady taking the picture said something completely different than what she said. apparently i thought it was hilarious. 

we entertained ourselves with finger puppets. why not right? i think my favorite part about this picture is the fact that it focused in on the awkward couple behind us. she was helping him put on a new bracelet. spence was sad i didn't get him a bracelet. 

we finished the night all tucked into our office. the mr. studying and the mrs. planning her lesson. maybe next weekend we'll learn to do our work before late saturday night so we can play instead...haha...or not.

now we just need to find another awesome street fair to hit up this weekend. rib fest anyone.....

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  1. Maybe we should start setting our expectations lower.. haha not that it wasn't super fun! I mean, we learned some amazing dance moves! haha love our adventure times!


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