Tuesday, August 13, 2013

movin' on up

trading in my 5 step commute for the el // my building next to my favorite building in chicago. i'll be on one of the top floors. good thing i'm not afraid of heights. 

trading in one view for another. i think i'm upgrading though i will miss my little brick office

back in june when i was visiting home the ceo of my company mentioned to me that they were considering opening an office up in  chicago. of course i was excited and couldn't wait for everything to happen. a few weeks went along and i heard it wasn't as likely they would open an office. i was bummed but had been working from home for a year so it wasn't anything new. 

then, in the past couple of weeks, it was decided that the chicago office was go. at first i was iffy about the whole thing. after a year of working from home i've grown to love it. i love the commute....now just steps from my bed, in my new cute brick office. i love the flexibility. and i love being alone (most of the time). when i first started working from home i hated it...but give it a few months and it became my everyday. so, hearing my everyday was changing was a bit of a downer. 

last week i was able to tour our new office. just walking into the building changed my mind. i am so ready to get back to the corporate world. to dress up and feel the buzz of a busy world each morning. 

our new office space is incredible to say the least. honestly i feel spoiled. the building is right next to my most favorite chicago building. so i get to walk by each morning and enjoy that view. we're close to the top so that means we have incredible views of the city. from the break rooms to conference rooms to cafe's and gyms...this office has everything. it's all new, shinny, and just warms my little office loving heart. 

i'm so excited for this new stage in my career. i will still probably work a few days from home here and there but i'm ready to get out. to enjoy working in the city and being a big city girl. spence and i will be able to go downtown together each morning. i'm excited to meet him and other friends for lunch downtown and to get out of the house more. 

so life is changing yet again. but this time i'm ready to jump right in. though this change wasn't ideal at first, after seeing my next option i can't wait. i'm ready to put on my slacks again and join the working world in downtown chicago. 


  1. City girl life sounds so glamorous.

  2. What a fun change and a great new experience!


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