Friday, August 15, 2014

another year down in the windy city!

august 6th was our 2nd anniversary of living in chicago. honestly i can't believe it's only been 2 years. when people ask us how long we've been here my first reaction is to say 3 years. maybe thats because the mr. is in his 3rd year of med school. it feels like we've been here for so long mostly because so much has happened. 

this past year was the best yet here in chicago. well maybe the best subtract the winter. that was bad. but other than that it was an amazing year. 

we moved into a new apartment. we discovered our love of lickity split. we made new friends. we had great times with old friends. i started working downtown. we saw the bears play. we saw the cubs play. we survived the polar vortex. we survived the second polar vortex. the mr. finished year two of medical school. the mr. dominated his boards. we found out we were expecting for the forth time. we watched my big belly grow. we welcomed sweet gwen into our family. 
i think it's safe to say this year in chicago will be one we will always remember and cherish. even though it was the last place i expected us to be, it has been the most perfect place for us to be! 

i can't believe we are more than halfway done with our time here in chicago. i'm both excited and sad about the idea of leaving. but luckily we still have some time!

so here is to another year in the windy city. i am excited for all the new adventures we're going to have and even more excited to experience this next year with gwennie girl added to the mix! 

oh and basically we're chicago experts now so if you want to come visit now is the time....we can show you all the good spots! 

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