Saturday, October 4, 2014

our 4th family birthday party

we celebrated our 4th anniversary on july 29th. we were still in baby mode big time and so we didn't do too much. but we couldn't let the day pass without a little family celebration. it was after all, our family birthday. so we decided last minute to throw a little birthday party. 

i actually did my hair for the first time in...well weeks probably. i had to send a picture to the mr. to prove it. i didn't get to the make-up part but step at a time right?

one of our most recent traditions has been making steak dinner together for our family birthday party. the mr. came home from school and together we put together an amazing meal. i picked up some blackberry soda and called it a day!

 words cannot describe how grateful i am for this boy. i am so grateful for him picking me to be his family. i spent all day telling gwen all about my boyfriend, about how much i loved him and how incredible he is. i told her about the first few years of our family and how lucky she was to be part of our family (i'm allowed to say that right...haha). she seemed very excited to have a family birthday party as well ;-)

we couldn't call it a family birthday party without our favorite sprinkles cupcakes!

after our little celebration we put the bug down for bed and cuddled up to watch our wedding video. it was the most perfect anniversary celebration and even more perfect family birthday party. our little family keeps getting better and better each year! 

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