Saturday, March 7, 2015

i'm still here

lately blogging has fallen on the back burner for me. it's been interesting the past few months as i've thought about why i blog, why i started my blog and really if i should keep it up. it started as a journal and a way for me to share pictures with my family. through the years (almost 8 so it's changed a bit but mostly stayed a way for me to share my thoughts and experiences with family and friends. 

but now i have other ways to share those things with family and friends. and to be honest, since having gwen, i've become less public. i do a family scrapbook each year, a write in a personal journal, a journal for gwen and share photos constantly with family (not sure if they like that though haha). so why have a blog? why have one more place to double up on information? 

to be honest i'm not sure the answer. 

but i'm not ready to shut down the good ol' blog just yet. (maybe i should be people still read blogs?)

this has been a wonderful place for me to share my thoughts, feelings and emotions. i have found healing through writing. i have also seen myself grow through this little blog. i feel a sort of connection to it. 

i've never thought of myself as a writer or one who is good with words. heaven knows my spelling and grammar need a ton of work (sorry mom and dad...never did quite catch on). but for some reason i am still drawn to writing down my thoughts here. 

so for now i'm going to continue to write. i hope that is okay with you blogging world. 

i'm not sure what this will really become. i'm too lazy right now to edit and upload a ton of photos so you may not see a lot of those. but i'll work on that. so for now i'll leave you with a little update on where we have been the past few months....


life lately has been interesting. good and a little bit of bad thrown in there...but whose life isn't that way? 

spence just finished the 4 craziest months of med school so far. he has one more rotation and then he is done with his 3rd year. i'll do a med school update post soon. 

gwen is our little busy body. we have had a blast watching her grow and learn. she LOVES life. i know that may sound funny but i can just tell. she loves to see and explore. she loves people and will just people watch for hours. she loves to eat and try new foods. she is so happy and loud. she grunts which can get annoying in public but is also pretty hilarious. she is moving around like crazy. luckily it's just in wide circles for now but this past weekend she has been inching forward. she is even getting her first tooth this week (pray for us haha). 

i'm doing great as well. still trying to figure out life as a wife, mother and employee. but i'm slowly working though it all. i love being home with gwen and i am beyond grateful for that opportunity. i also love that i am working a few hours a week. it is a win win for me. 

life has thrown a few curve balls our direction lately. but i've learned to trust in the lord and his power. there are days i want to control everything and solve all the problems but i'm understanding my limitations and learning to turn things over to the lord. 

lots of more updates coming but for now here is a picture of my drooly baby laughing because she can see herself. photo booth for the win!!!


  1. I love your blog Sydney. I know we only knew each other for a split second way back when, but you are such a ray of sunshine and I always click over right away when I see you've posted something!

  2. Yeah for blog updates! Love the Barfuss family with all my heart!

  3. I feel exactly the same way about my blog, but I can tell you that I love your updates when you do them. It's so fun to see your cute family growing! And, it takes me right back to when went through Med School with Stan. Anyway--for what it's worth I love it!

  4. I can definitely relate to your blogging thoughts...but I feel like I can't just abandon mine---I'm at 8 years too. Crazy


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