Wednesday, November 2, 2016

it's finally all worth it!

FINALLY....having my husband be a pediatrician is worth it. yes folks all the years of school, studying, working, etc are now finally worth it.

is it the big paycheck?....haha yeah right not there yet
is it the awesome hours?....again yeah right. maybe one day

nope it was all thanks to the elephant kiss.

our darling sweet gwennie girl shoved a bead up her nose. honestly i have no idea how long it had been there. i noticed it finally late yesterday. i kept asking her what it was and all she would say was "heart" and "candy". we rushed home and i tried to pull it out with tweezers.

no such luck! gwen wouldn't stand for that.

the dang thing was pretty far up there. so i started texting friends to find out the closest urgent care. all ready to go pay $50 to have an urgent care doc pull whatever gwen had put up her nose i called spencer to see when he was getting home so he could watch wells.

he told me to wait and that there were a couple of tricks we could try first. one of them being the elephant kiss.

an elephant kiss basically means plugging the opposite nostril of the one that has the "heart" in it and then blowing super hard through the mouth to basically push air down through the nose and hopefully push whatever is stuck...out!

i figured i had nothing to lose so i'd try it.

oh my gosh it was hilarious! gwen loved it and i couldn't stop laughing. finally after the second try it worked. out popped a little orange bead from her "heart".

spencers reaction..."i'm so glad i already had my er rotation ha"

me too too!

so finally after all of these years my sweet mr's md degree is worth!

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  1. oh my gosh, i know this was from last year, but i'm so glad i read this. nora put a bunch of cheese in her ear at dinner, so i'm sure putting things up her nose isn't too far down the road for us. now i will know what to do.


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