Tuesday, January 23, 2018

a book goal for 2018

my goal setting has been a bit different this year. i'm working on a few different goals and i decided to do separate posts for each goal. one of my (hopefully) easiest goals is my book goal....

1. read "Glimpses into the Life and Heart of Marjorie Pay Hinckley"
I don't know much about marjorie pay hinckley. the few quotes of hers that I know make me love her instantly. I'm excited to learn more from this beautiful lady.

2. read 3 books with gwen
branching out from picture books i want to really start reading chapter books with her and to her!

3. finishing "Hamilton"
I got this for christmas and already love it. now I just need to finish it before I go see it in may

4. read 2 non-fiction books (1 parenting book)
it's time I up my parenting game. I'm hoping to find a book that will help

5. read 1 mystery book
I haven't read a good mystery book in years....this needs to change

6. read 1 church book
for some reason I really struggle reading lds books. I've started countless and never finish. this year I want to change that! 

i can't wait to start reading! my hope is that with this goal i'll be on my phone and computer less and in books more!

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