Sunday, January 24, 2010

dear grandpa.

i want you to know how much i love you.

you are the best man that i know.
you always had a place for me on your lap
my kisses always tasted so good to you
i would always look good to you in pink when i was wearing purple
you taught me the importance of family
you made me promise to be a 'new york times' bride and not a 'deseret news' bride
your smile would light up any room
you were the most giving person that i know
you always put others first
i loved when you would tell me how cute grandma looked
you accepted me even though i'm going to byu
you better keep your promise and come to my graduation (with crimson on!)
you always made us all laugh
you always made sure that i was taken care of
you made me tell you where grandma's cookies are (i forgive you for that, hee hee)
you got me to israel
you taught me the importance of always learning
you loved god and showed that to the world
you taught me the importance of hard work
you taught me how to truly respect those around me
you made me feel like your favorite grandchild
you taught me how to love

grandpa i'm going to make you proud
i'm going to graduate college, just like you wanted me to
i'll marry a good man who will love me like you love grandma
i'll tell my children all about their grandpa willey
i'll maybe run for senate (as long as you promise to give me help from above)
i'll always remember to laugh and enjoy life
i'll put family first just like you did
i will give more to those in need
i will love with my whole heart, i will make you proud

grandpa i'm going to miss you but i know you are where you're supposed to be
if you have some time watch out for me down here okay
say hi to those i love up there for me
maybe you could pull some strings for me and have utah win next year (that would make my life easier down here at the y)
maybe you could teach my future kids what it means to have willey blood, prepare them for me a little bit
and maybe do that missionary work that grandma has always wanted you to do!

know that we'll be okay
you taught us all how to love each other
we'll work together
we'll take care of grandma
we'll laugh
we'll grow
we'll work
we'll be okay, so don't worry

i love you grandpa. i miss you already.

-your baby granddaughter

p.s you've finally reached the green. enjoy it

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  1. Syd your amazing. I love you soo much!!!!!
    He was an amazing man,husband,father,grandfather,great grandfather and friend!!!!


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