Wednesday, January 27, 2010

just another day

yesterday i was supposed to edit two papers...
i went to target with spencer instead
we rode skateboards,
picked out light bulbs,
looked at nerf guns, and checked out the girls clothing section

today my papers are due.
i turned the first one in only half edited.
i'm working on the second one during class.
and i don't seem to care much....oh well

yep this has been a long week.
i'm ready for the weekend already.

i say goodbye to grandpa tonight.
wish me luck.


  1. so you need some new music eh? you have come to the right place. right now i am obsessed with brandi carlile's album "give up the ghost". especially the songs "looking out", "touching the ground", and "pride and joy".

    also be sure you have ingrid michaelson's latest album "everybody".

    sondre lerche, the weepies, she & him (or just 500 days of summer soundtrack), badly drawn boy, and if you haven't heard the compilation between peter bjorn and scarlet johansen--you must. i don't remember the album name, but it's amazing; elliot smith.

    I'm not sure how big you are into gritty folk stuff, but if you are bon iver is my favorite, nick drake, josh ritter (also obsessed), nicklecreek, cat stevens.

    more eccentric stuff: delta spirit, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros (you can't help but smile listening to them), the shins...always the shins.

    but really if you're looking for new great music the best is movie/television get a mix of stuff that you may not have heard before--especially grey's anatomy (of course), new moon (as much as i hate twilight).

    also, myspace is great for music. and subscribe to your favorite artists news letter and sometime you get free downloads from live shows and stuff.

    that should hold you over for a little while. let me know if you need more.


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