Thursday, January 28, 2010

today was beautiful

today was beautiful.

i learned a lot about the man i call grandpa willey today.

the church was overflowing, the line even longer.
so many loved this sweet old man. so many had stories about him.

my whole life he was just grandpa willey. the big guy who wouldn't let you leave without kissing him goodbye.

today i found out that he was so much more.
he is a hero not only to me but to hundreds of people.
he changed lives all over the country.
he touched so many people it's unbelievable.

and the best part...he really had no idea how amazing he was.
here read this....
and this...
and this...

today was beautiful. we laughed. we ate. we smiled. and maybe cried just a bit.
he would have wanted it that way.

i know i'm blogging a lot about my grandpa but i just want the world to know how great this man was.

today was beautiful. i want to be a better person because of him. i want to serve more. i want to help those around me more. i want to laugh more. i want to love more.

grandpa went out with a bang. we all love him so much.

i smiled as i followed "willey deal" after "willey deal" to the graveside. grandpa you would have been proud!

today was beautiful.

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  1. Cool to read about your Grandpa, Syd. You come from good stock...and it shows in who you are. I'm sure you make him proud!


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