Sunday, January 31, 2010

just what i needed

this weekend was overdue:

i had one class, poly sci. as i was sitting in class i got this giddy feeling. i love learning what i am learning, seriously i get so excited to go to class. have you ever had that feeling? if not you should because it's great!

that night spence took me on a date. we first hit up our stake luau but after deciding not to wait in lines left for some good ol' hotdogs at costco. yes i admit i love costco hotdogs. after that we ventured over and saw "avatar" in 3d. to be honest i had high hopes for the movie. don't get me wrong it was good but not the best movie i've ever seen. the sweet glasses were my favorite part.

i surprisingly got a lot done. i woke up and started cleaing. yes i'm still a clean freak and again was so excited to have time to clean up. i am so much happier when my room is clean. i hung out with the roomies, spent time with the boyfriend and at night went on another date...this time with jbod!

i sure miss this girl so much so it was great to just hang out and have some girl time. we went to this super cute trolley restaurant in springville (fell in love with the cute trolley and small town feel) and then we went and saw "when in rome". spence doesn't like chick flicks so much so it was great to have bod with me. of course we laughed and fell in love with the main characters and of course we took pictures.

the sad part about the team lost. i actually didn't go to the game because i decided long ago that wearing red to a byu game is not fun. the fans don't enjoy it if you cheer for the other team. so i cheered loudly in my little heart. this picture is from a game a few weeks ago but i decided to post it to prove i have gone to a game. thats right i watch basketball ;-)

this weekend was great. i needed a break from life and two dates were just the trick. now it's back to reality.

school....bring it on!

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