Monday, February 1, 2010

and now for the pink.

happy february. my second favorite month (behind november of course).

i love that it is pink
i love that it has hearts
i love that it has tasty treats
i love that it has sparkle
i love that it has a holiday
i love that it has the end of winter (hopefully)
i love that it has love

so happy february 1st. i hope you love this month as much as i do


  1. okay, your comment was so sweet it just made my day!! and surprise, surprise, your blog is even sweeter!!

    i love February, and you described it perfectly. it does have sparkle! and it does have love!! a happy day to the beginning of a happy month!!

  2. ok can we please have a february party? with all the things you listed?

  3. when i saw the title of this post i thought for a second you were going to post about Pink's performance at the grammy's last night. can you say epic? and eccentric. but february is good too.


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