Tuesday, February 2, 2010

wait last night was great?

guess what....i was crafty

i went jean shopping, found nothing (no surprise)
ended up at taipan instead

bought some ribbon, fake flowers and smell goods

made a headband holder (40 headbands and flowers total...yeah too many)
made a cute coke bottle vase for my desk
made my apartments smell good

it was a good night


  1. no. way. that is wayyy too cute. i am going to have to have a craft day soon. what a wonderful idea miss martha stewart!

  2. you. little. cuss.

    you will be doing this again.

    cuss word.

    *don't be offended by my use of the word cuss, it's from my favorite new movie fantastic mr. fox.

    *my verification word was undo capr aka UNDO (the) Crafting And Pretty (stuff you made) R-word


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