Saturday, January 16, 2010

"how do you show her you love her"

best friend finally got married this week. even though i've seen this one coming for almost a year now i still cried when she walked out those temple doors. i'm so proud of my best friend and her decision to marry her best friend in the temple.

the wedding was magical...something right from the 20's. confetti, big band and dancing included!

suz and i kept ourselves entertained taking great model shots. after matt and megs left we decided to take pictures with bride meg! isn't she pretty!

spence was great, he got to see my crazy stressed side but he handled it great. i'm so proud of him. i'm slowly breaking him into the life of squid. this picture shows our true strong boyfriend and my odd facial expressions. its a good thing we're dating each other!
matt and megs let us help them pick out their engagement pictures...we loved them so much we wanted to reenact them. personally i think we make a better matt and meg ;-)
my whole college experience i've been blessed with amazing roommates. we've had a lot of fun as the ag 7 four-some. i'm sad to see one go but don't worry we're good at reunions. its a good thing we're all so much alike!
january turned out to be a cold one for a wedding but it was beautiful nonetheless. this picture was followed by many tears and laughter. who would have thought i'd cry so much at a friends i can only imagine how bad i'll be at my own!

we ended the night with some magic. sparklers and confetti cannons. sadly mine went off early . suz was nice enough to share hers with me so i wasn't magicless.

so mr and mrs fereday i congratulate you on your perfect day. way to go big and make it to your special day. i look up to the two of you. thanks for letting me share in the fun. i'll always remember the sweet dancing at the end !

so my wish for you two...keep smiling at each other because when you do my heart is happy! i love you both so much! enjoy eternity together!

love from the pink sweatshirt

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