Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"i want to change the world"

the beauty of being a college student!

i had another reminder of how great my life was today in the library (yes i said library). i have my first of many huge papers due tomorrow in my hardest class so i decided to spend some needed time in the library. before i even made it to my usual spot i ran into a jeru friend. while sitting and talking to jonah three of my freshman girl friends walked up. while talking to them another jeru friend walked by followed by a great byusa friend.
yep i felt popular in the library today!
i stayed and talked a bit but sadly had to get started on my paper. as i walked up the stairs it hit me how great being a college student is! i am surrounded by incredible people and everyday i get to meet even more. it was fun to catch up a bit with some old friends and get a little reminder of my amazing life!

on other note i am so grateful for my friends back home. over the break i got to spend a lot of time playing with my girls! we had a girls night one of the nights and made amish friendship bread. to my surprise it was great! i think the best part was realizing four college aged girls making bread is hilarious! i sure love my girls

one afternoon i decided i needed a craft day and some more headbands. lo came over and joined us! we made a mess but had a blast making headbands and clips!

wow i've had a lot of girls nights lately! i enjoy that fact.
the other night we had a bridal shower for megs. a bunch of girls came and we ate, laughed and talked a ton. all the things girls do best! it was fun to see how excited megs is. she gets married on thursday....so soon! i miss my best friend and roommie but i couldn't be happier for her and her new adventure.

life has been great. the craziness of school has finally set in and to be honest i kinda like it. my classes are hard but exciting considering i'm finally doing what i want. i'm now in countdown to graduation. i still have a bit but it's fun realizing i have less then more!

love you all!


  1. Those headbands are so cute! I think you need to teach me how to make them!

  2. hello i may have to pay you to make me some headbands. they are so cute! also, i'm your newest follower/stalker.


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