Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i've got a feelin'

i hate goodbyes...and they are even worse when they involve your "pretty much" sister.

sister lydia scruggs reports to the mtc tomorrow afternoon. last night she came to say goodbye to me, (i was praying she would forget so that i didn't have to face that goodbye) we sat in my door way hugging and crying.

lyds is going to be an amazing missionary. i am so proud of her and look up to her! i thank my heavenly father for putting her in my life

the girls at lyds farewell, we are all in love! ash is next...boo this being 21 thing.
i just got used to my guy friends leaving...now its my girls who i love even more

oh a happier note i gave spence tickets to a jazz game for christmas. we went to the game on saturday with my roommate and her boyfriend. we had a blast cheering loud, pretending to buy super expensive jerseys, and just having fun together. this cute man was so happy to take our picture at the end of the game! too bad the jazz lost, its a good thing spence doesn't hold anger in him ;-)

life is great...we're back to school and back to craziness!
love from the frozen blue!

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