Thursday, January 21, 2010

what happened to the time?

so three years goes by fast.

on saturday we had a little freshman reunion. i was almost giddy i was so excited to see everyone again. fall 2007 was the first time the six (and seventh addition!) of us met. now three are married, one has a baby boy on the way (yeah i feel old), four have gone on study abroads and all are still friends. i am so grateful for my wonderful freshman roommates. to be honest they are the only ones who have continued with my blog from start to finish.

gretch: though i may have been super sad you weren't going to be my roommate again i'm really glad you decided to get married and now have a baby. i do demand though that i get to babysit! i'm so excited for you and whit

stacey: how in the world do i say your last name again? i promise i will work on remembering it.

katelyn: your dark hair is so cute. i remember that one time we dyed your hair and it was red (i still loved it). i hope travis is okay with your amazing hair color too!

emily: i'm still jealous of your cooking skills. everytime you post a picture my mouth waters. oh and the other day i was reminded of your great dance moves as i listened to "please don't stop the music".

lauren: i still miss our goodnight "hugs". being your roommate was my favorite. i love knowing that it was with you that i got to start this grand adventure with. everything from "mr. right" to movie nights in our room! i still miss it all.

carli: todd was right...we have known each other a long time. i am so grateful to still have you as a roommate. cuddle time with you is my favorite. you make me smile all the time, plus i get to hear your amazing voice every so often (you should sing to me more...okay deal). you are a great example to me car.

i love all my roommates. freshman reunions need to happen more often. i was so blessed to move into harris hall 69!

we will forever be the harris hotties!

us then...
(yes this was probably at 2 am. i don't think i got to bed before 2 any night freshman year)

us now....
stacey, me, carli, emily, lauren, gretchen and baby boy, katelyn

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  1. Oh! I love this post! I got a little teary! I had so much fun with ya'll at lunch, we totally need to do this more often!



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