Monday, January 18, 2010

"you make me smile like the sun"

this is dog.

kind: shih-tzu
(we were told he was a mini shih-tzu and for some reason he turned out huge. come to find out we were told wrong and he is a master shih-tzu, yep thats right my dog is master willey!)
age: 11 yrs old
favorite toy: anything that squeaks
favorite saying: "willey come get a treat"
loves: cuddling against your legs, being scratched on his back, playing outside , his family, deer and anything that smells good

why i'm blogging about my dog: simple, he made me mad and made me laugh at the same time this morning. i was woken up by scratching at my door. i finally got up to see what was going was willey begging to come in. i let him in and expected him to jump on the bed and cuddle with me. i feel back asleep but woke up minutes later to a weird munching sound (background: i've been sick with a cold this weekend, my nose has been going crazy). well willey for some unknown reason loves to eat used tissues, gross i know. last night we were playing in my room and i guess willey noticed my little pile of used tissues next to my bed. this morning he got hungry for a snack and knew right where to go (he's so smart like that). i was so mad at him for waking me up but at the same time i couldn't help but laugh as i pulled the tissue out of his little mouth. my dog is sure great for entertainment.he pulled his sad face as i pushed him out of my room so i could get some more sleep.

i bet you wish your dog was as cool as mine
thanks willey for making me smile this morning!

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