Monday, January 18, 2010

"you go around like you know"

twenty one things that make me me....

  1. loves snicker candy bars
  2. a total neat freak when it comes to the kitchen
  3. favorite color: orange
  4. flats over heals
  5. can't go without my nixon watch
  6. political science major and music minor
  7. loves the show friends
  8. hates early mornings
  9. addicted to my nikon camera
  10. girl time is my favorite
  11. too many clothes for one closet
  12. crafty at heart
  13. has over 30 headbands and hair flowers
  14. calling over texting
  15. craves curry in a hurry
  16. loves journal writing time each sunday
  17. brownies over ice cream
  18. chips and salsa is considered a dessert
  19. haven't passed five two yet
  20. sucker for chick flicks
  21. orbit gum is my best friend

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