Wednesday, February 24, 2010

oh happy day

yesterday was tuesday which means i got the afternoon off.
i was up in my room eating oreo's and attempting to do homework i figured it was about time i took the many cups on my desk down to the dishwasher. as i was walking down my stairs i heard a familiar voice. i turned the corner and to my surprise, there in my family room was kellie.

kellie and her sister randomly stopped by while apartment hunting. she had no idea i lived there.
kellie has been going to suu so she was the last person i expected to be looking at my apartment.
we both laughed and hugged at how fun this random meeting was.

i consider kellie one of my best friends. we met our junior year of high school doing the junior miss pageant (yes i did a pageant and yes i'm proud of it and no i will never do one again)

she went to woods cross....i went to bountiful. (rivals but still friends)
she was a student officer....i was a student officer (we got to work together a few times)
she likes to do crazy things....i like to do crazy things (we really got along)
yep it was the perfect setting for a friendship.

after almost 4 years, senior year, graduation, byu run ins, study abroad, european vacations, and blog stalking each other we are still great friends.

so kellie if you are reading this....
i am so happy you walked in to my apartment yesterday. thank you for your friendship and being such a great example to me. basically you make me happy and yesterday i smiled a little extra because of seeing you. good luck in ceder and keep me updated!

kellie is the one in the middle!

i have a ton of pictures of me and kellie but sadly they are not on my computer....i stole this from kellie's blog! tbanks girl.

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  1. ha ha, i was totally going to blog about this encounter and say pretty much the exact same thing about jr. miss....oh that makes me so happy!

    I love you! and i still consider you a great friend. hopefully we'll be next-door-neighbors this summer!

    p.s. maybe i'll post a pic on my blog for you.


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