Thursday, March 11, 2010

a great memory

considering school takes up all my time i don't watch tv much anymore.

the other day the roomies and i were taking a walk down memory lane.
we decided to go through old youtube videos of our childhood.

to my surprise we came across "adventures in wonderland"
an old disney show that i loved.

i remember being so excited to spend the day at grandmas so i could watch alice walk through the mirror (we didn't have cable growing up)

tv shows used to be so great....what happened?

do you remember "adventures in wonderland"?


  1. sydney! i was just trying to tell bod about this a couple weeks ago. i loved loved loved this show. seriously, dora can't even compare.

  2. I have been trying to remember what this is/was called for the past few months. When I was little this was one of those premium channels that regular cable didn't have. Once or twice a year everyone would get a free preview of those channels and my sisters and i would watch this nonstop.

  3. jajajja, when I saw this post my first thought was Brittany watched it. I never did though. Sooooorrrrrryyyyyy.

    Gym at six. be there or be fat. Joke, you could never be fat. But we need to TALK you know? K love you bye.

  4. Adventures in Wonderland?? Never seen it.... Sadly.

    Did you ever watch Bed knobs and Broomsticks? I sure did. I forgot about it until the other day and it used to be a childhood favorite. I love those.


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