Saturday, March 13, 2010

i am happy

it seems as if everybody who blogs is making a happy list.
usually i hate following trends but i decided that i'm happy too, so why not make a happy list.

i'm usually happy all the time but right now a few things are making me extra happy...
  • a cute blue binder on the floor next to me
  • the rain outside
  • texting a certain boy
  • the color orange
  • tv show psych
  • cell phones
  • fun magazines to look through
  • cinnamon chex and cold milk
  • saturdays!
the list could go on and on but for right now i'm happy with these few things that surround me on this rainy saturday.

hope you are happy too!


  1. i am happy because you are happy. and i hand-made a really cute sunglasses case today. i'm very proud of it. and happy.

    plus your my friend which is reason enough along to be happy.

  2. texting a certain boy? yes. definitely.

    and even the snow this past weekend was pretty enough to make me happy, and it melted by sunday afternoon, even happier.

    great happy list :)


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