Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a cry for home

my "home" is falling apart. i woke up to find this on nytimes.com.

my friend russ sent me some more pictures and it turns out that all this is happening right below the center on the same street.

my heart is breaking right now.

the students at the center right now can't go into the old city or east jeru. i feel so bad for them. luckily they are extremely safe.

i want to go home. be in the warmth of jeru. walk the streets of the old city. help calm this fight. maybe i'll talk my mom into letting me go back ;-)

so pray for jeru, my home, today.
pray for the israeli government that they will attempt to stop the fighting.
pray for palestine that they won't let fear and hatred take over their minds.
pray for jerusalem.

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  1. wow wow wow. i hope this calms by passover. that would be a good gift.


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