Monday, March 22, 2010

living a fariytale...

so many dates...

luckily i've remembered to take my camera on some of our most recent dates. we've been having a blast doing random activities.

a few weeks back we went to the hunger banquet with some friends. the hunger banquet is this big fund raiser where 10% of the people eat a great meal, 20% eat a middle class meal (hot dogs), and the rest of us got rice and beans. as you can see spence and i were sad we only got rice and beans.

though sitting on the floor for a few hours wasn't ideal it was pretty fun and a great experience.

the next weekend was a blast as well. we didn't have much going on friday so we decided to have date night. after dinner at our favorite guru's we decided to go to nickelcade...only to find out that it is!

after driving around and trying to find something to do we ended up at the bookstore. we spent an hour reading our favorite childrens books and laughing at the great new books that are out now. both of us love reading so it was fun to just sit in the book store. we ended the nigh with molten lava cake and psych...two of my new favorite things!

the next day we were able to go watch my friend ash dance in the dance-ensemble concert at byu. spence was such a great sport and put up with my excitement at all the dances. he even enjoyed a few of the dances!

we didn't get a picture at the concert (i forgot) but we did take one in the parking lot....thanks to spence for putting up with my silly pictures.

that night we had a lord of the rings movie night with some friends. i had never seen it so spencer decided it was about time....
i hated it. i am not a fantasy person and that movie is full of fantasy. i couldn't help but laugh as i watched it. it made spence sad considering its one of his favorite movies...oh well. he can watch that and i'll watch my chick flicks!

friday night was another great date night. we were both really sick last week so having a date night was a nice break. i was already in slc so i met up with spence and our "group" at the race track. we had a blast racing each other in little go-kart type things. i actually beat spencers fastest time (he probably wouldn't want me saying that but it made me happy!) after racing we headed up to b-town for some good old nielsons! it was fun to be in my home town and hang out at some of my favorite places.

spence and i have had some fun dates. i love being this age and being able to play all the time.

other than dates life is going great. school has calmed down a bit which is really nice. the weather is warming up and i get to wear flipflops and t-shirts (which makes me smile). work is great as always!

i rearranged my apartment this amazing how a little change can make a huge difference!

yep thats pretty much my life right now. sorry such a long post but i wanted to share my fun!

i hope your enjoying the sun today as much as i am!


  1. Wouldn't you have to say that the best part of the hunger banquet were the super cute servers?

  2. the nickelcade is not closed, just moved. it's a building or two down from miracle bowl now.


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