Tuesday, April 13, 2010

any normal sunday

so howie came back to provo.

he looked so cute sitting by my door sunday afternoon i just had to take him for a ride.
it was going to be a short ride so i decided not to change out of my skirt.
half way around the block i checked my skirt...i was fine....so i decided to keep riding.

the next thing i knew....my skirt was gone.

luckily i was able to pull my skirt back on and slowing push me and howie back to my house.

yes i know i shouldn't wear a skirt when riding howie...but i just couldn't resist.
after some work we got the skirt out of howie.

skirt = not okay
howie = better than ever!

yep, totally worth it!


  1. ha ha, whenever i ride in a skirt i wear leggings to i can pull my skirt up skank-style...or you could just get my next desire-a town bike. the frames are conveniently really low so you CAN wear a skirt while riding with no problem

  2. that is so sad Syd. but kinda funny all the same! I can't wait to see you next week! good luck on finals!


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