Thursday, April 8, 2010

once upon a time

just in time for the story....

i warn you; this is a long story!

***just fyi; spencer had the jeweler call me the week before he proposed and tell me that my ring was taking longer than expected. yes i now know this is the oldest trick in the book but at the time mean ol' jerry at wilsons was so convincing! needless to say i was not expecting spence to propose anytime soon***

april 2 (good friday)

because of some plans we had later that night spence asked me out on a date for friday afternoon. due to an interview, packing for the weekend, and being a girl and taking time to get ready i started us out late. cute spence didn't seem bothered though.

we went to lunch at our favorite place (guru's) and then i made him run a few errands (i bet he was going nuts by now). he finally asked if we could be on our way at 3....

we headed up to salt lake. i was under the impression that spence had tickets or something for us up there. on our way i was talking about telling our proposal story to our kids

me: "i'm so excited to know what our proposal story will be"
spence: laughing "yeah me too"

at this point i was bugged because i didn't think spence had even thought about how he was going to propose.

we got up to salt lake and spence said we had some extra time so he thought it would be fun to walk around memory grove.

we had been there before so i was not surprised or curious as to why we were there.

we got to the park and just started walking around looking at all the memorials. we got up to the biggest memorial and walked around the side. there were these cool stones in the ground so i was really interested looking at those. at one point spence pointed to a bush and said...

"hey whats that?"

my thought at this moment "what? there's a memorial in the bushes...thats odd"

right then he pulled out roses from the bushes. my first reaction was to tell him to put those back...they were probably for somebody else and we were going to mess up their plan.

Spence finally had to tell me that they were for me. i was so surprised and confused. we sat down at a bench right next to the bush and just talked for a second. at this point i was so confused, i mean the roses were nice but so random ;-)

spence pointed under the bench and again said "hey whats that?"

there under the bench was a cute bucket. i slowly opened it and found a photo album and some rose peddles in it. i opened the album and to my great surprise found a fairy tail of us.

so we sat there, on the bench together, reading our fairy tail. yes, tears were falling at this point.
the book was perfect!
i find myself reading it every day!

the last page of the book had a little envelope. spence told me to open it and to my surprise my ring was in there. i turned around and spence was down on one knee and he asked me to marry him.

through the tears and laughter i said yes. (maybe right after asking him if this was real)

thanks to our best friends (thanks spence for inviting bod) the best proposal was a success.

dang jerry for throwing me off the tracks but i guess it's a good thing because i was surprised.

so thats the story!

the end


  1. That's stinkin' cute! I love it! I'm so excited to see you!!!!

  2. Syd, I'm so happy for you two!! What a cute story. Can't wait to see the ring. Congrats girl. You deserve the world :)

  3. OOOH--He's good! How fun and romantic! We are so excited for you guys!


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