Thursday, May 13, 2010

life, life, life

so like always i have a bunch of pictures to post...but don't worry i'm only including a few.

the last few weeks have been crazy busy for spence and i...but it's been super fun as well! a few weeks ago spencers cousin got married and we were invited to the wedding dinner. we had a blast hanging with his family, eating cupcakes and thinking about our own wedding. i talked spence into taking one picture at the dinner!

more fun:
dollar movies are one of my favorite thing....1. because they are cheap...and 2. because we can sneak food in with big blankets. as you can see from this picture spencer was done taking pictures...but hey thats what you get for wanting to marry someone who is picture happy. i always have been and always will be!

before the end of the semester divine comedy always does a "best of show". we decided to double with a good friend of spences. spencer and i went up super early to get good seats, after waiting for an hour the were about to let us in....of course i ran into a friend and went to talk and by the time i got back spencer had to let a ton of people in before our seats weren't that great...(sorry babe, i'll be better next time).

the show was hilarious and we had fun with new friends! a comedy show, pizza, pazookie's and ticket to ride = one great date night!

so one weekend we decided to split the dates, spence one night and me the next. for my night i decided to do a night in. we hardly ever have the apartment to ourselves so i played the cheesy girlfriend and set up a candle lit dinner.

we ate guru's in my family room, wrote letters for our memory box, slow danced in candle light, and watched old movies. it was a perfect night!

it was just nice to be together and do something a little different than we usually do!

so this is an older picture but i still love it.

after the semester ended we had to say goodbye to carli.

carli has been my constant roommate for the past 3 years, we've seen heartbreak, love, laughter, study abroads, stressful classes, concerts, and so many sister moments. carl really is one of my best friends and is a sister to me.

she is leaving the first of next month to serve a mission to austria and germany. i couldn't be more excited for her. she is such a great example to me.

though i miss our cuddle times at night, her crazy jokes, cupcake runs and her support i know that she is doing the right thing and i'm so proud of her.

so life is great, busy yes, but oh so great.

i hope great things are happening for you too!

-just some words from a squid

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