Monday, May 10, 2010

some more fun

i bought this today....

for super cheap at pottery barn (and i mean cheap, i got a great target bedding for me!)

who knew buying fun bedding for your future house could be so exciting.

it's a small picture but it's a great striped duvet cover. i had to explain to spence what a duvet cover he's all bedding smart.

now all we need are some fun yellow and blue pillows and we have a (not feminine) great looking bed!

on that note we finally found a place to live. yay for not being homeless!


  1. yay, keep updating on wedding planning, i love hearing about it! p.s. is that going to be your bouquet below? because i love love love it. it's very sydney.

  2. you two...are adorable. i am so sad i will not be around for the wedding! what are the colors going to be?


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