Thursday, July 15, 2010

i may be getting married but i still need my daddy

this morning was intense.....i single handily almost ruined my honeymoon. luckily i had daddy there to fix it.

i was trying to be miss future wifey and take care of a few last minute details regarding our honeymoon to mexico. little did i know that the info i gave out stood in the way of our great place to stay.

i was informed my little mistake made us homeless in mexico.

i cried, i called spence and cried more....

yeah it was a bad morning. my cute mom got on the phone and made other arrangements for us (not as great as our first place but still amazing). i was so grateful for the wonderful helpers and friends we have who were so willing to help us out.

finally i called my dad and faced the fact that i'm a stupid little girl sometimes. thanks to my dad's great communication skills he saved our honeymoon. (but now i have to name my first child after him, it won't be bad until i have a girl ;-)

so after a long emotional morning dad stepped in a saved the day. we are able to stay in our original place saving us a lot of money and trouble.

so i maybe getting married two weeks from today but apparently i'll always need my daddy. i'm so grateful he's there for me!

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