Wednesday, July 14, 2010

just a fun story

so i was getting my hair done today for bridals (more about that later) but as my cute hair dresser and i were talking we started telling funny kid stories.

well you see i'm a nanny for a super cute family of five. a couple of months ago i got to tend the kids for the whole weekend. well about day 3 all the kids were home, we were all in the kitchen....boys were playing a game and the youngest ones were coloring or something of that sort. all of a sudden the chime of the garage door opening started ringing. i was confused but figured the wind had blown a door open or something.

after a few chimes i decided to check it out. to my surprise the garage doors were opening and closing....all 3 of them. basically here i am, confused, standing in the garage just watching the doors open and close.

as one would open i'd push the button to have to close....
the next would open and i'd do the same....
but the first would open again....

this went on for about 3 mins.

finally they all closed.

the oldest boy told me it had happened before so i brushed it off as a garage door malfunction.

five minutes later it started again.

this time i pretended to just laugh it off but in my head i'm thinking...."some crazy guy tampered with the doors and is going to sneak in later tonight" (not a comforting thought when you are a 21 yr old girl in a huge house with 5 little kids).

five minutes later i turn to walk back in the house only to find.....

a cute little 10 yr old laughing hysterically holding up a garage door remote....
yes this little trouble maker found it in the cupboard, placed it in his pocket, and randomly pressed buttons until he made his nanny go crazy.

i chased him down but couldn't hold back my laughter....he got me!

hope you enjoy that as much as i did!


  1. Yeah, he's pulled that one on me before too--I was thinking the same thing and kind of freaking out until he couldn't hold in his snickers anymore! Stinker!

    We sure miss you these days (me, especially!!!) Hope all the plans are going great. Your invitations are adorable. And Seth asked for a "boy babysitter, like Spencer" the other day! Can't wait to go on another trip so you guys can watch the kids...this time together! Great birth control.

  2. From Ethan (that cute little 10 yr old!)
    "Sweet! I got the front page news!"


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