Monday, July 12, 2010

just normal life

so the little counter on the side of my blog informs me that i have two weeks and 3 days till i get married....

someone could have warned me that the time goes way too fast. i'm super excited to get married but at the same time super nervous because of everything that needs to get done and the lack of time. but it'll all work out.

so i don't have any pictures but wanted to update a little...

this last weekend the fam went up to park city for my cousins wedding. spence joined in as well for the shopping, dining, laughing, and festivities. the wedding was beautiful....everything you'd imagine a huge destination wedding would be. sitting watching the ceremony i couldn't help but think about my upcoming marriage and get excited that i can say for eternity and not just life ;-).

anyways it was a nice get-a-way for a few days. being up in park city got me excited to take spence to jackson (my home away from home).

i guess i'll include one picture....i don't think i've posted this...

about a month ago my fhe group challenged another fhe group to laser tag....well of course if it's going to be a serious match we had to go all out...our group rocked the war paint. of course we won and not to brag or anything but i got second (yeah i kinda rock at laser tag...why couldn't that be a sport).

so anyways nothing new but life is still exciting!

oh and invites went out last week....if you didn't get one thats because i don't have your it and i'll send one out!

peace and love from the b-town

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  1. haha i swear i rock at every "sport" that is technically not a "sport" - like badminton.

    and i'm excited for you and your wedding :)


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