Tuesday, July 6, 2010

oh the days of summer

so life has been great. i'm back home and loving it. it is so nice being home and having mom time (including mom taking care of daughter time). i loved living on my own but it's nice to not have to worry about things for a few weeks.

wedding planning has been great. no insane amounts of stress yet....we'll see what two more weeks does for me.

so efy was great. i loved being back there with the kids. so many memories of my great summer came flooding back.
one of the bc's josh had this "you goat served" award. he handed it off to me for a bit....as you can see its a pretty entertaining trophy. i didn't have it for long ;-)

i taught my kids the "squid call", every time i came around my kids gave the squid call. i loved it....here is a picture of us capturing the squid call.
just mama squid and her girls....so my high school nickname was squid. when i started efy two years ago i had my kids call me mama squid. i did this for a few reasons but mostly because when the youth can call you by a nick name they will open up to you more. and because i love being mama squid!

friday is service day. this year we tied blankets which was so much nicer than knitting hats. i love fridays as a counselor because we get to just sit and watch and dance while the kids do the service. plus we get to have scissor charge which makes me feel so powerful ;-)

efy was so so so great. the week was long, stressful and emotionally draining but so worth it. i am so grateful that i was able to do one last week. friday at the dance i just sat there and looked around, i was sad to be saying goodbye to this part of my life but so excited to be starting on new and exciting things....like getting married!

change of pace....

living at home has been fun. i've been doing summer things...swimming, crafting, watching tv, sleeping in, playing games, reading, boating, ice cream runs and just hanging out!

for the fourth the barfuss family went to the stadium of fire. i'd never been so it was a treat for me, especially because carrie underwood performed. she was amazing! one day i want to be just like her. she even broke out and sang "how great thou art"....everyone was on their feet after words needless to say.

anyways it was a fun night. i loved the whole night.
well spencer decided to wear a hat so he didn't "do" his hair....thus the long bangs...but it's okay because my hair was gross after all the heat of the day....but at least we did get a picture to remember our first 4th together.

so yeah summer has been treating me nicely! i can't wait to do more summer things.

now i have more time to blog but less exciting things to blog about....i'll figure something exciting out.

peace and love from the b-town

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  1. Syd, this is your favorite cousin (not in-law)...Taylor and I loved your wedding invite and wish we could be there! I hope you're having fun with all the planning/anticipation...it will be here before you know it!

    And anytime you and Spencer are in the mood for a warmer climate south of St. George, you are welcome to visit us!


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