Tuesday, June 29, 2010

30 days till....

so one month from today i will be marrying my best friend.

who would have thought that 3 months would go by so fast. as i'm sitting here going through all my stuff i can only imagine how fast these next 30 days will go.

a cute paper chain is hanging on my wall counting down the days.

so lets hope i can get everything done that i need to in the next 30 days.

last september i sat in church. i looked back at the boy sitting a few rows behind and thought to myself "that could easily be my future husband".

little did i know that not even a year later he would be.

i can't wait to become a barfuss (never thought i'd say that)

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  1. And I can't wait until you become sbarf the second. ;-) I love you, babe!


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