Sunday, June 20, 2010

for dad

so it's fathers day and i can't be home. two years in a row i miss fathers day (need to work on being a better daughter) yes i'm beyond upset but what can you do.

but i did want the world to know how much i love my dad.

he is my daddy
he is the most incredible man that i know
he is strong
he is faithful
he is dedicated to his family
he is funny
he is an extremely hard worker
he is kind
he is sweet
he is a rock in the gospel and a great example to us kids
he is loving
he is giving
he is fun to play games with
he is a helper and will help with anything (even killing spiders in his 21 yr old daughters room)
he is my dad

dear dad

dad i love you so much. throughout my life you have been there for me, helping me and teaching me what it means to be a person in this world. you have taught me the importance of education and of always learning. you have also taught me the importance of this gospel and the great joy that it brings. you have shown me how to get through hard things and you have been there for me when the times are hard.

when i picked spencer to marry one thing i loved about him was that he is a lot like you. i have always wanted to marry someone just like my daddy. thats because you are so great. and don't you dare think i am leaving you. though i am moving on in life i will always need my daddy and i will always be your favorite daughter.

so dad happy fathers day. thank you for being the most incredible father in the world. i truly look up to you in every way.

i love you dad!

-your favorite daughter!

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