Sunday, June 20, 2010

dear ag

dear cute ag townhouse

i'm going to miss you. for the past two years you have been home. you have been a place of peace and safety.

you have brought sisters into my life. you have brought so much happiness.

you have also seen the hardest experiences of my life. thank you for helping me through

you have also seen the happiest experiences of my life. thank you for being close to spencers house so that i could meet him, because i kinda love him and i'm kinda excited to be his wife.

once your front door was on the front of the daily universe. that was a fun day and we all felt famous. so i guess thanks for having such a great front side.

i'm not going to miss the troubles that came with your owner...but we won't talk about that here.

what i'm trying to say is thank you for the two best years of my life (though don't be too sad when i say that i have a feeling the years following might be just a little better...just saying)

i'm going to miss you. i pray that some cute girl will move into my place and be able to have the kind of experiences i had.

be nice to her, help her along.

i've loved living here ag and i will never forget the awesomeness that is ag 7

-yours truly

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