Sunday, June 20, 2010

courage to stand strong

(so i may have included this picture just because i love it, more engagement pictures to come...after efy)
so i'm sitting on my bed, in my empty room, in my empty apartment. after two years of living here i'm finally moving out (despite the fact that i took a four month break to go and live in jerusalem). thanks to my cute finace, mom, and grandma my two car loads of stuff made it home to b-town earlier today. as for me i'm camped out one more night in the ag waiting for efy...

thats right, i'm doing efy for my last time. i'm so grateful to spence for letting me do two last weeks of efy. years ago efy changed my life, two years ago being a counselor again changed my life (each time for the better). i know many don't agree or don't understand but efy is truly an incredible program. for me there is nothing better than being surrounded by the gospel 24/7 and being able to feel the love of the savior for his youth. plus it's so much fun.

so just like this time two years ago...i'm scared to death. i pray that my girls will like me, i pray that i can follow the spirit and teach what the lords wants, i pray that i'll make friends, i pray that the separation from my fiance won't be too hard (i'm going to miss him like crazy, we've already planned g-chat video dates), and i pray that during the two weeks that i'll be able to learn more about my savior as well.

after efy its home for a few weeks...and than its the big day.

so yeah life is changing. i'm moving on to newer experiences, and i couldn't be more excited about it.

so i guess this is it until after efy...i'm excited to be able to post some new pictures of efy....

courage to stand strong...bring it on!

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  1. So fun Syd! I loved being an EFY counselor. Those girls are going to LOVE you and remember you forever. You are a great example and so much fun to be with! Have a fun summer!!! We miss you :) Love, Natalie


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