Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1 month

before i got married a lot of people told me that marriage was hard. and on top of that the first few months were the hardest....

well they were right, marriage is hard.
it's hard moving into an apartment on the 3rd floor
it's hard putting up pictures only using 3m hooks
it's hard deciding what book case we want to buy
it's hard deciding what to make my husband for dinner
it's hard changing my name
it's hard having to wake up to the pounding of workers working next door

but being married to my best friend.....not hard at all. actually being married is more natural than i ever expected. yes we're still getting to know the little details about each other (like spencers love of tools, and his hatred of my kind of toothpaste) but it really is so natural. the transition from dating to married came so easily and for that i am so grateful.

i sure do love being married to my best friend. happy one month babe (a few days ago!)

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  1. cute. :) happy one month! i want to see your apartment!!!


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