Friday, September 3, 2010

family vaca

family vaca to the cabin! yay....

a week after spence and i got home from mexico we packed up again and headed to my family's cabin in jackson hole wy.

it was so much fun to be up there with my fam and i loved sharing my favorite place with my new husband.

for spence's birthday we went and rode the alpine side (only bigger and better than park city). this was the view from top

mom and dad even did it with us. getting the local price was so worth it! we saved a bunch of money. we had a blast.

we ran into this little fun is it! i want one when we have our 15 kids.

on day we went on a family hike. i made spence stand in front of this waterfall for 10 minutes while dad tried to get a good picture of us.

me, my mom, and my sister! this was at the top of the hike. seriously so beautiful

don't my mom and grandma look so much alike! it was so much fun to have g-ma with us. plus it's really easy to make her laugh so when you're around her you feel like the funniest person alive (it's a great feeling when usually you're not that funny)

the famous antler arches. of course i made spence stand in front of them like a tourist with me....because i am that kind of wife!
one day g-ma was so excited to take us to the art fair. there wasn't much that megs and i were interested in but we found these sweet headbands. yep i was in love.

my cute family on the deck!....and no we didn't mean to match, sorta just happened. (it could be a reflection on how in love we are....oh so cheesy).

making s'mores. s'mores are seriously my most favorite things. this year we tried making them with a bunch of different candy bars. my new favorites were with two rolo's!
so yummy!

another picture from the hike. check out my husbands beard. yes i hated it and yes i told him to shave everyday....
his reply...i'm a man in the mountains

enough said.

so awkward picture but we even had horse shoes. i was horrible at first but got better after some practice. and yes thats the view of the grand teton from my backyard.

oh you know just another front of a huge jackson hole sign.

i sure do love jackson and had so much fun with my fam.

when we're all together we have so much fun together, crazy how that happens ;-)

so until next summer....jackson we'll miss you!

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  1. um, can you say LADY GAGA about those headbands?
    also, you are a sillllyyyy girl--does spencer know you want 15 kids?


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