Friday, August 20, 2010

a birthday!

so spence's birthday was on tuesday. i should have posted this than but the fun and craziness of jackson has taken in honor of my cute husband here is his birthday post....

spencer bradley barfuss 24 years old!

24 reasons why spence is spence
  1. he has the cutest smile
  2. no fail, he goes to first thing on this computer
  3. he is the hardest worker i know
  4. he is the smartest boy out med school, sbarf is coming!
  5. he is a stars wars fan through and through, even has a jedi cape (i love it!)
  6. he loves his family so much and will do anything for them.
  7. he is so great with kids, he has a way of making them love him
  8. he is super great at horse shoes
  9. he can sweet talk his way into anything (i love this about him)
  10. he has a natural talent for any sport
  11. he takes care of me so well
  12. he can make the best breakfasts in the world
  13. he has this calming affect and can make anyone feel at home around him
  14. he looks so cute in the mornings!
  15. he has a huge heart for adventure (and keeps me going all the time)
  16. he has really strong arms
  17. he can make anybody laugh...and keeps me laughing all the time
  18. his testimony is so strong and he helps create a spirit of love and the lord in our home
  19. he is mr. handy man and fixes all the things his wife breaks
  20. he puts up with his wife and watches friends and disney channel with her (so giving)
  21. he knows everything there is to know about the jazz and byu football
  22. he loves dogs and for some reason all dogs love him ;-)
  23. he is so smart when it comes to the things of this world, politics and world news...yep he knows it!
  24. he is the most loving, caring, and heartfelt man that i know. spence truly is amazing!
happy birthday babe, i sure love you lots!

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