Friday, August 20, 2010

a dream come true

so a few days ago i was talking to my favorite aunt, she was telling me how her daughter in law to be isn't one of those girls who has had her wedding planned since she was 12, so wedding planning has been really easy going....

well i was the bride who had her wedding planned since she was 10....but this wasn't because i was obsessed with getting married.

no i was obsessed with planning weddings.

i have wanted to be a wedding planner my whole life. but not only weddings i love planning big events and parties. i almost switched my major a few times until my dad wisely told me that an event planning major wasn't worth the money i was paying at byu...

so planning my wedding was a dream come true and i almost cried to see it end.... until...

while wedding planning i came across this great bride blog for utah brides

find it here

well here is the exciting part.....i am now in a trial stage to be a writer for the blog. this means that i get to research wedding stuff all the time. i am so stinkin excited.

i just got an email from the owner of the site and she called me talented. it is so fun to hear you are talented while doing your dream.

i would much rather be overly stressed looking up wedding info and planning events than anything else!

so if things keep going as they are my post will be on the bride blog in the next few weeks. keep your fingers crossed!

who knows maybe i'll be able to learn a bunch and one day i can start training under a real wedding planner and become my dream someday soon!

ps if you need help planning your wedding give me a call....i'll do all the hard labor stuff for you and leave the fun to you! (yes thats how much i love it!)


  1. i'm holding you to this when i get married. i have no desire to do anything to plan my wedding except sit there, have someone show me my options, and say which one i want.

  2. sydney! that's so neat! i can't wait to read what you write. you are perfect for planning weddings.


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