Monday, September 27, 2010

"i wish you out of the woods"

today i walked through the math building on campus.

as i walked through the doors a wave of memories came back

...i remembered the smell (gross and musky)
...i remembered the dark rooms
...i remembered the anxious feeling i always got when i entered the building

my first two year at byu i spent about 80% of my time in that building. between classes and the math lab i basically lived in there.

....i once saw a kid propose in the math lab
....i frequently saw kids cry in the math lab
....i heard chinese all the time in the math lab

one time i had a math professor who was from india and spoke little english. we would sit in class and laugh about how we couldn't understand a thing. we'd ask questions and he would tell us he didn't want to answer then he moved on...

....i retook the class (boo professors who can't speak english)

the point of this post? i am so happy that i changed my major. i am so much happier now. i love what i'm studying. i'm doing great in my classes. my professors know me by name (more about that in a later post). i have friends in my classes (and we all have at least 2 classes together). i love being a senior. i love political science. i love learning!

i hate the math building

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  1. I am SO with you on this. that math lab made my life h word freshman year. im sorry you had to go back into that building. but i totally agree with you... at least its over! go being a senior!
    im glad we can keep track of each other via blog life sydie!


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