Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"something always brings me back to you"

today is a special day.

its a birthday....for two of my favorite boys

my big brother:
al i sure do love you.
i love your individuality and your love for others.
i truly look up to you
as you get older you become nicer ;-)
you are an incredible brother to me.
i love you, happy birthday

my grandpa:
grandpa willey i sure do love you too.
i miss you a ton. this is the first birthday without you.
you are an incredible example to me and i keep learning things from you and your life.
i know you are in a beautiful place right now so all i ask is that you smile down on us as we celebrate this special day.
i love you, happy birthday

happy birthday to my boys. bitter-sweet day to say the least.

i love you both, you represent this day beautiful!

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  1. its my brothers birthday too.
    in regards to your last post I am obsessed with your wedding photos, keep posting them.

    post titles = song lyrics.


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